End of a Great Era!


Beginning of Something New!

We will be updating this website as we continue with the transition!


Insight F.B.S. Changes - Balance of 2017!



There comes a time where all good things must come to an end.


Prudence Accounting, Inc. is in the process of transitioning clients away from Insight Financial & Bookkeeping Solutions, Inc., to their new systems and processes. Insight clients will see improvements in many areas that we have serviced over the years. Existing agreements will be in force through the balance of 2017, and new engagement letters/packets will be created throughout the next few months


We regret the hard decision to shut down the company, but deem it necessary for multiple reasons: First, too many companies have used very similar business names similar to ours, which gives us a bad name in many cases since many have abused the idea of what "Insight" really means. This large similarity in name has created many erroneous calls to our office that included rude people and threats to our employees for assumptions that we were some sort of collection agency that we were not. The continued changes in tax regulations and laws created a need for a significant evaluation of corporate structure that resulted in a decision to change. Finally, in addition to the need for corporate structure change, cloud computing and technology changes, cyber security risks, and overall software demands, we also decided it was necessary to significantly change directions of the business overall. Therefore, the owner of Insight F.B.S. has set up an entirely different corporation that addresses these issues with a plan to accommodate more service requests and demands of the clients in a wider arena of clientele industries.


In Conclusion, this change is a good thing. Prudence Accounting, Inc. welcomes Insight F.B.S. clients, and many others to come in the upcoming year!


More information will be posted to the website as we progress thorugh the End-of-Life process of phasing out Insight F.B.S. Thank you ! God Bless!



2016 E-Filing System Closed for Balance of 2017 Calendar Year


The IRS has shut down the E-Filing systems for the 2016 FYE taxes. This system will remain down for the balance of the 2017 calendar year to allow for the updates to the new fiscal tax season. Anticipated turn-on dates have not been provided, although speculations are some time in late January, with funding of refunds will not begin until some time toward the end of February, 2018. More details will be provided on Prudence Accounting, Inc. website as information becomes available.





End of Life of Insight F.B.S. - Phase One - begins officially November 20, 2017. Current Insight clients will be transitioned to Prudence Accounting for the balance of 2017, and will enter new engagement agreements valid through the fiscal year 2018 accordingly.


Phase Two - Begins officially December 15, 2017. Final invocing.

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